The 7 Best Tires on the Honda Accord

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The Honda Accord is a popular front-wheel drive passenger car. Our review compiled a rating of the best tires for Honda Accord, both summer and winter. Consider the size of tires and wheels and the required pressure.

7 Best Tires for Honda Accord (Detailed Information)

All seasons for a front-wheel drive car is not the best solution. They are suitable either for the very south of our country or to extend the duration of the summer season.


Tire description. The model can be used for places with bad roads or for trips on dirt roads, small off-road.

Tires are universal and suitable for all types of roads. It is equipped with a symmetrical tread with a directional pattern.

The central part is occupied by blocks converging towards the center at an angle of 45 degrees. In the center they close, alternating in a checkerboard pattern.

There are deep and wide furrows between the blocks. The running part is trimmed from the shoulder part by 2 longitudinal channels. The shoulder checkers are almost rectangular.

This pattern improves conductivity on the ground, mud and snow. Developed drainage allows you to remove water and liquid dirt quickly.

The model is quiet, and the sidewalls are soft, which allows you to ride on bad roads and off-road comfortably.

✅ Pros Tigar ALL SEASON

  • Soft
  • Quiet
  • Good balance
  • Quickly goes in a rut
  • On snow and mud, pull confidently
  • Resistant on wet surfaces.
  • Not afraid of hydroplaning

Continental Premium Contact 6

Tire description. Premium asymmetric tires. Designed for use on passenger cars of the middle class.

The peculiarity of Continental PremiumContact 6 is that they allow dynamic, sporty driving, but at the same time, they are not rigid but quite comfortable.

The tread is designed for good asphalt. The grip index on it is high, especially in the wet.

For this characteristic, tires have the highest “A” rating. Silica has been added to the compound.

It reduces rolling resistance, slows down tread wear and improves wet grip.

The shoulder blocks are extended. Massiveness allows them to hold the load during sharp turns and high-speed maneuvering easily.

At the same time, the sides are soft. On the one hand, because of this, the car squats a little when cornering; on the other hand, shocks from potholes and road irregularities are amortized.

It is better not to ride on these tires on primer or dirt.

✅ Pros of Continental PremiumContact 6

  • Economical.
  • Wear resistant
  • Quiet
  • Soft
  • Strong grip on asphalt
  • Economical
  • Provide a comfortable ride

Bridgestone Turanza T005

Tire description. The model with the asymmetric pattern. Designed for use on good roads.

These are quality sports tires at a reasonable price. Polymers have been added to the compound to enhance intermolecular bonds.

This strengthens the rubber, allowing it to withstand significant loads. The additives also improve grip on wet pavement and reduce rolling resistance.

The drainage network brings out masses of water well. It is challenging to enter hydroplaning on these tires.

Large shoulder blocks are interconnected, which limits their mobility.

This improves grip and maintains the tire geometry in corners, contributing to stable and confident cornering at high speeds.

The cutting of the lamellas is made in such a way that they contribute to a more uniform abrasion and evenly distribute the load on the contact area.

It is better not to drive on bad tracks, all blows are transmitted to the car’s body, felt through the steering wheel. The sidewalls are rigid, as it should be for sports tires.

✅Pros Bridgestone Turanza T005

  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Provide sharp braking
  • Stable at speeds below 150-200 km/h
  • Not noisy
  • The powerful grip on asphalt
  • Well managed
  • Not afraid of entering hydroplaning

Bridgestone Blizzak VRX

Tire description. Asymmetrical, affordable tires. Their feature is a unique composition of the tread rubber, which prevents the deterioration of elasticity.

As the tread wears out, tiny pores about 0.3 mm in size form in it.

Therefore, the tire retains elasticity throughout its service life up to 4 seasons. The porous structure also works like a blotter, drying the contact patch.

Its task is to provide excellent controllability on any surface. The tread pattern is very diverse. On snow and mud, the patency is sufficient.

The drainage system quickly removes water and sludge—notched block edges for improved grip. Soft sidewalls successfully dampen vibrations.

✅ Pros Bridgestone Blizzak VRX 

  • Quiet
  • Soft
  • Resistant
  • Wear resistant
  • Long retain elasticity
  • On snow and mud, go confidently
  • Efficient braking
  • Strong sides

Tiger Winter

Tire description. Tires are designed for the European climate. The protector is symmetrical, directional. The maximum frost at which they can be operated can reach -20 ° C.

It was running blocks of irregular shape. This is done specifically to increase the engagement edges.

Moreover, they are obtained in different directions, which improves stability. There are a lot of sipes, and they are 3D-shaped and also increase grip on asphalt and on ice.

The outer edges of the shoulder blocks are made with teeth. Their task is to increase cross-country ability when driving on a snowy surface.

They also improve braking and stabilize the tires when they hit a rut. Sidewalls provide the comfort of movement due to softness.

The composition of the compound introduced silica, which reduces rolling resistance.

✅ Pros Tigar Winter

  • Budget
  • Well managed
  • Soft
  • Good balance
  • Resistant
  • Passability on snow and mud is high

Continental Ice Contact 2

Tire description. A tire feature is a new stud installation pattern that complies with the new European regulations. The model has a symmetrical directional tread.

There are 190 spikes in total. All of them are set at an angle. This does not prevent them from digging into ice and snow, but when driving onto the asphalt, the spikes behave differently.

In this case, they are adjacent to the tire, sinking into a special soft rubber pad and do not destroy the road surface.

The elements are held firmly, they are not lost during the operation of the tires.

The compound retains elasticity at any air temperature. The blocks are small, the grooves between them are wide.

The pattern contributes to stability, increased grip and flotation, and easy water and slush evacuation.

The “ice pockets” technology is applied, thanks to which crushed ice is removed from the spikes.

Thanks to this, they stick into intact ice and improve traction. The blocks are equipped with many lamellas, and their task is to increase stability on asphalt.

✅ Pros of Continental IceContact 2

  • Ice resistant
  • The spikes are firmly held
  • High grip on any surface
  • Wear resistant
  • Hydroplaning resistant
  • Good performance in snow and mud

Yokohama Ice Guard IG55

Tire description. The model with symmetrical directional tread. Tires are not afraid of frost and thaw, while they are predictable in behavior, no matter what road they are used on.

The running part is made up of inclined blocks converging towards the center in a checkerboard pattern and interlocking.

This pattern contributes to high flotation in the snow. The spikes hold the wheels well on the ice. They hold firmly in the seats and do not fall out.

At the same time, they even withstand thaws up to + 25⁰С, despite a significant softening of the rubber.

Wide furrows easily divert snow porridge and meltwater to the sides. Wavy sipes on the blocks give the tires frictional qualities, contributing to stability on the pavement.

The compound includes silica, as well as orange oil. These additives stabilize the elasticity of the rubber in all weather fluctuations.

✅ Pros Yokohama Ice Guard IG55

  • Soft
  • Budget
  • They walk confidently through the snow
  • Resistant on ice
  • Not noisy
  • Wear resistant
  • Elasticity is stable at any temperature

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